Boss Women Tally hosts first annual Boss Brunch

Nefetari’s Fine Cuisine & Spirits was filled with an array of young students on Saturday, Jan. 9, for Boss Women Tally’s first Boss Brunch.

The Boss Brunch was a free networking event created to uplift,  promote and unite women.

After the unexpected closing of Moda Italian Restaurant, Angel Olofin was left scrambling for a new location the morning of the event.

Despite the venue crisis, Olofin and her administrative assistant Latevia Mincey, used their determination and passion to turn an unforeseen circumstance into an unforgettable Saturday afternoon.

“No matter what you do, if you aren’t passionate about it, it will never get to where you want it to get,” Mincey said. “Passion is very important and self-worth is also very important.”

Olofin said she created Boss Brunch as a way to promote Boss Women Tally.

“I’ve met so many talented women in Tallahassee and so many talented boss ladies that I felt it necessary to have a brand like this. I just feel like we need a bigger platform to expose our brand,” Olofin said.

Olofin’s main objective was to break the stereotypes of black women being malicious towards one another, and to promote the power in women working collectively.

“My goal for this brunch today is just to give as many women as possible a platform to network, to inspire and to be motivated,” Olofin said.

The Boss Brunch featured speakers such as the 109th Miss FAMU, Anquinette Taylor, industry liaison Stryngz & Thyngz, motivational blogger Gladys Murray, and many more developing professionals from around the Tallahassee area.

The Boss Brunch was free of charge because Olofin wanted to provide as many women with a networking platform as possible.

“Don’t ever let what level you’re on today dictate how you represent yourself,” Olofin told the brunch attendees. “Y’all are all bosses. Just coming to this event today makes you all bosses.”

Angel Olofin has a myriad of business ventures in the works and does not plan on stopping at the Boss Brunch.