Man Up Against Bullying Rally comes to Tallahassee for Demp Week

Courtesy of @TeamDemp via Twitter

Bullies stood no chance during this year’s Demp Week. The 2nd annual MAN Up Against Bullying tour made its way to Jack McLean Park on Saturday.

Tiffany Love, founder and CEO of MAN Up Against Bullying teams with DJ Demp to bring awareness about anti-bullying to Tallahassee during Demp Week.

The event was filled with giveaways and live performances including dance, singing, and rap. Amongst the performers were Swag Divas, Beyhive, Mike O, and many more.

This event serves as a pillar for the community to come together and discuss how bullying affects children in our society. The Man Up Against Bullying group has reached more than 350,000 people all across the country.

“Part of my platform as a former Miss Georgia and Miss Tennessee was anti-bullying. I created an organization against bullying to continue my platform work,” said Love.

She also explained how God and personal struggles played a major part in her efforts “God gave me a vision to implement rallies across the USA.”

Although this was a fun-filled event, this cause focused on building self-esteem and having positive interaction with your peers.

DJ Demp and Tiffany Love have been working on bringing this initiative to Tallahassee since 2013. It was not until Demp Week ’18 that they were finally able to bring this tour to the area.

“We just always thought it might have been good for us to get together and do something. Finally one year it did,” expressed Demp. “And the impact was crazy.”

Demp also spoke on the satisfaction he gets from bringing an initiative like this to the community.

“Seeing them smile and seeing the happiness that comes from the kids, that’s the most important thing.” He went on to say, “I use Demp Week as a platform for everything that I could possibly think of that could be a positive outlook for the community.”

Mr. Ahmad Rashard, production manager and host for MAN Up Against Bullying, said “Not only do I want to reach the person being bullied, I want to reach the bully. I want them to know that what they’re doing is only making things worse.”

With Demp Week filled with celebration, he, with the help of MAN Up Against Bullying decided to top off the week shining some light on the children of the Tallahassee community.