Demp Week presents: the Florida Entertainment Summit

Panelist from left to right: Rico Barrino, Dev Rock,
DJ Knotts, Richard Raw, TJ Chapman, Dorian Washington

Florida State University’s Sociology of Hip-Hop class and DJ Demp hosted a panel discussion on social activism and politics in Hip-Hop in the Union ballroom on Thursday.

The panelists spoke to the audience about the culture of hip-hop and social issues in relation to hip-hop.

TJ Chapman, owner of TJ’s DJs, a Florida based record pool, spoke on the importance of not letting your circumstances inhibit you from chasing your dreams.

“When we got started we didn’t have computers. We couldn’t just download a beat and upload a song to soundcloud. If anything, I think it’s just excuses,” Chapman said.

Ricco Barrino, singer/songwriter, spoke on the importance of staying consistent while trying to make a name for yourself in the industry.

“While trying to make a name for yourself in the industry it is important to stay consistent with your craft,” Barrino said.

“We all have the same 24 hours,” Dorian Washington, talent manager and author added.

Washington discussed taking advantage of your modern day resources in order to create opportunities for yourself.

The panelist also spoke on the importance of politics in the hip-hop culture. They expressed it is important to exercise your rights, and get out and vote.

Richard Raw, musical artist and social activist, spoke on his thoughts on politics in the hip-hop culture.

“Hip-hop has always looked at politics as an enemy, and I believe we can use politics to benefit us,” he said.