A New Way Not to Move

Courtesy of IO Hawk

Where have all the skaters and bicycle riders gone? Less than a year ago, the skateboard was making its comeback into urban popular culture.

The new tech toy, the IO Hawk, has taken the market by storm since being released in January.

IO Hawk dual is the company and self-balancing board’s name, but the product serves as a luxurious tech device. The bright color design equipped with lights and other novelty features is what attracts consumers.

Now, the IO Hawk has made a huge impact on the people, young and old.

IO Hawk claims to be the next evolution in the way that people move.

The IO Hawk is designed for people of all ages to improve and increase personal mobility. The product requires barely any movement just self-balance.

In a generation where child obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past thirty years, reports the CDC, the only exercise anyone will be getting from an IO Hawk is probably a stronger sense of balance.

The board is not yet on the radar as a threat to skate shops.  

Phaze One Skate shop employee Samuel Riles stated, “I do not even know what that is. Skaters are still going to be skaters, if they have the passion for the sport.”

While waiting for the scooter to fully charge, a person could physically walk 10-12 miles at half the top speed of the IO Hawk. “Save some money, burn some calories, and stick with walking,” said Jess Fields a Florida State University student.

“It’s kind of like a Segway but with no handlebars,” stated Nathan Stewart, Florida A&M University SBI student and an owner of the IO Hawk. One of the reasons the Segway failed is because of its boring design and was seen as personal transportation not meant for the popular crowd.

Celebrities are to credit for the popularity of the IO Hawk, with tweets, Instagram posts and even YouTube videos of themselves riding around on it.

For those who have to have the latest gadget first, they are willing to pay nearly $1,800 for a bright and shiny self-balancing tech toy.  

When there is money to make, there will be others following the trend. The IO Hawk intelligent personal transporter has been adapted by many other companies like Leviboard and Wal-Mart.

IO Hawk responded to those companies via twitter saying, “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.”

The IO Hawk design is a trend and trends usually fade. Hopefully, the IO Hawk and its replicas effortless glide out of popular demand.