Bicycle House on Two Wheels

Bicycle House is a non-profit organization warehousing donated bikes for those looking for a new way to get around Tallahasee.

The organization repairs, rehabilitates and constructs bikes along with teaching rider safety.

“We are a non-profit organization advocating safe, practical transportation and social responsivity with an emphasis on healthy living” is the organization’s mission statement.

Since 2009, Bicycle House has provided the Tallahassee community with more than 2000 bicycles for people in need.

Scot Benton, owner of Bicycle House shares his purpose for the non-profit

“We are providing people with reliable transportation for those that need independent transportation who would be without otherwise,” Benton stated.

The Bicycle House continues to service bikes and their owners. Every Thursday from 3-6:30 p.m., Bicycle House is out in front of the Kearney Center on Dupree Street with a mobile repair station.

To get a bicycle, usually one would have to schedule an appointment with a volunteer to assess their needs. Then from the stock of donated bikes, the volunteer helps assemble or repair the bike. People pay what they can, but sometimes that amount is zero dollars.

Alexis Brown, a fourth-year Florida State University environmental studies student from Miami Beach, Fla. and avid bike rider explains why the Bicycle House is a great idea.

“I think this will be a great investment, the education and services they provide, this place is not your traditional bike shop. I will definitely be going back and supporting in whatever I can,” Brown said.

The organization does not just offer bicycle services to the local community, but also operates as a hostel for traveling cyclists.

Bicycle House has multiple projects in the works to help improve the surround community, one being the bike mechanics class, a five week course on bicycle maintenance. The organization also cleans bike lanes and trails when alerted by the community.

Tallahassee bicycling community prepares for a full network of bike-friendly routes.

“New biking amenities are coming to downtown Tallahassee. Once complete, the Downtown-University Protected Bike Lane Network will provide over five miles of new and enhanced bicycle facilities,” said the City of Tallahassee.

The organization is currently located on 458 Famu Way, directly adjacent the new roundabout at the intersection of Railroad Avenue and Famu Way. Open Monday through Saturday noon to 8pm.

If interested in donating unwanted bike parts or volunteering at the shop, go onto for more information.