Healthy Winning for Healthy Living

The Desoto Trail Elementary Trailblazers is the first Florida school to win the National Healthy Schools Gold Award.

The award winning elementary school has gone through several changes in an effort to become a healthier, more active school. From healthy food charts, to serving broccoli in the school lunch line, schools are now providing students with healthier food options.

Principal Michele Keltner explained how the school works hard to not only make sure the students are eating healthy in the cafeteria, but also watching the snacks they may eat within the classroom.

“We work all across our campus to make sure we’re as healthy as possible. We’ve limited the sugar candy snacks we have on campus. We try to offer more healthier snacks, fruits, vegetables; no more soft drinks or juices,” Keltner said.

In addition to receiving the first National Healthy Schools Gold Award, Desoto is also the 2015 Award recipient of the ‘Let’s Move Program,’ which was developed and launched by First Lady, Michelle Obama.

The award, which is given by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program is used as a tool to help students understand and learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

According to Wellness Coordinator and music teacher, Randy Baez, there have been 18 gold awards in 10 years.

”I made the commitment to my school, to my principal and to the district that I was going to work as hard as I could to get the gold,” Baez said.

Desoto Elementary hopes to continue to their healthy school initiative, but they have plans for the money. The School hopes to build a bike trial once they raise enough money to do so.

According to the alliance for a healthier generation, higher attendance rates, higher test scores, and even better classroom behavior.

While Desoto is helping to limit sugary candies, soda, and juice alike, she can only hope the kinds are enjoy and learning about living a healthy lifestyle.