Tallahassee Cyclists are Receiving Newer, Safer ways to Travel

Courtesy of Jenna Thorne

The Downtown University Protected Bike Lane Network will create new bike lanes specifically on Pensacola, Adams and Madison Street so bicyclist can enjoy a safer way to commute to and from work and school.

The project will include new biking amenities, biking facilities and enhancements such as visible shared, lane pavement markings and signage.

The City of Tallahassee is making efforts to become more bicycle friendly says Megan Doherty, principal planner with Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department

“The project is an opportunity to improve connections between downtown Tallahassee, Florida State University and other prominent downtown areas,” Doherty said.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics show over 900 bicyclists were killed due to cycling accidents.   

Samantha Hoffman, nursing student at Tallahassee Community College rides her bike to and from class often when the weather permits. Hoffman thinks the implementation of bike lanes within the City of Tallahassee is a wonderful addition to the area.

“I ride my bike often down Pensacola street, so I think these new bike lanes are a great idea especially for college students,” Hoffman said.  

Bikers are admitting how unsafe they feel while traveling with the traffic, especially during busy commute hours.

“People driving usually are not paying attention, and that frightens me,” said Sadie Ward, Florida State University Finance student.

The protected bike lanes will be separated by rubber bumpers and pole style dividers. The aim of the project is to make cycling in the city more efficient and comfortable.

There will be two phases of the biking project. Phase 1 will add the biking amenities east of Macomb Street, and completion is expected at the end of the month. Phase 2 will add protected bike lanes west of Macomb Street, it will be complete in 2016.

Upon completion, the Downtown-University Protected Bike Lane Network will stretch over five miles and connect downtown Tallahassee, Cascades Park, Florida A&M University, Florida State University, the Stadium Trail and other bike-friendly routes.

For more information on the bike lane network including project maps, visit BikeTallahassee.com.