Tally Barber Battle

The first Tally Barber Battle at the GrassLands Brewing Company 

Metro Barber barbershop, Chop barbershop, Renegade barbershop, and Livin’ in the Cut barbershop teamed together to host the first ever Tally Barber Battle, Sunday at the GrassLands Brewing Company from 1-6 p.m.

The Tally Barber Battle is a friendly competition between local shops where they can come showcase the services and skills they each possess, hoping to leave as the best barbershop in Tallahassee.

Jenny Dease, Co-Owner of Metro Barber barbershop said the event was something the shops wanted to put together to promote friendly competition, and a look at the local barbershops in the Tallahassee area.

“We really wanted to have an event once a year where barbershops in Tallahassee could compete with and against each other to be a final winner giving out the best haircuts in town,” Dease said. “Next year we hope to triple in size and raise awareness for other shops in town to get involved.”

The barbershops of Tally Barber Battle also partnered with the Kearney Center and the Tallahassee-Leon Shelter.

Four men from the Kearney Center were chosen to receive full grooming services as well as they were given clothing that would benefit them in the upcoming cold weather.

Manager for the Kearney Center, Monique Ellsworth, said the center got involved through one of its workers being a client at one of the barbershops, and when they received the call to participate, they were excited.

“One of our employees brought up this idea of partnering with them,” Ellsworth said. “They contacted us and said “hey your agency was brought to our attention and we’re interested in seeing if you guys wanted to send us four models that are staying with you and they could come and receive haircuts from us.” We were really excited about that opportunity.”

Since the event was open to the public, spectators of all ages were in attendance and some even brought their dogs for the Sunday fun-day.

Throughout the event there was food and drinks, music, and lots of friendly competition.

The GrassLands Brewing Co., which was the venue for the battle provided beer from around the world along with their very own brewed beers.

The barber battle consisted of four different barbering competitions showcasing barbers and their skills within each of the shops. The competitions included: a 15-minute fade competition, a vintage cut competition, a lumberjack cut competition and a freestyle competition.

There was also a student competition which showcased students attending the local barbering schools of Lively Technical Center and North Florida Cosmetology. The competition gave students a chance to appeal to the community and local shops for potential job offers.

Victoria Mills a Tallahassee resident and stylist of 15 years, said she came out to support one shop in particular, and that she loves competitions.

“I came out to support Chop barbershop,” Mills said. “I’m really interested in them and the way they are. I’ve been a stylist for 15 years and I’ve always wanted to do the dual barber stylist thing and I just love competitions.”

Mills also said she enjoyed the student barber competition.

“The students are absolutely amazing; the girl I spoke to has only been doing hair for three months and did a perfect haircut,” mill added.

The Tally Barber Battle also held four different raffles, one from each barbershop giving away prizes like A vintage shave kit with a razor and mug, a Nintendo 64, and Metro man package.

The Tally Barber Battle is hoping to continue holding its competitions every year around the month of November.

All the money donated was given to the Kearney Center and Tallahassee-Leon Shelter.

For more information about the Tally Barber Battle and how you can get involved you can stop by and visit either of the four shops.