Stop, Don’t Shoot

Courtesy of Smarter San Diego

More than 12,000 people are killed by firearms each year in this country.  Homicide is the second leading cause of death in America among 15-24 year olds, according to Heeding God’s Call.

In America, more than 30 people are shot and killed each day. Half of them are between the ages of 18 and 35 according to the site’s statistics.

Gun violence has been at its highest for quite some time now. 34-year-old Air Force military officer Courtney Jackson of Jacksonville, Fla., explained his feelings toward guns and feels that in order to own a gun you should first be “mentally capable”.

Kamyiah Davis, a second-year Florida A&M University pre-physical therapy student from Bradenton Fla., said that “Homes around America have break ins and people get robbed daily. Also for our troops we are drawn to the idea to bear arms.”

Shay McCullough, a third-year FAMU psychology student said that she does not agree with gun violence, but agrees with why people buy guns.

“Although, it’s all up to the individual with how they use it and how society views their reasoning. In some countries like the United Kingdom and Japan having guns are illegal. Why can’t America be the same?”

According to Stainley Sinal, a third-year FAMU pre-law student from Miami Fla., law enforcement has an influence on the amount of gun violence in America.

“It’s the Police fault, people feel that just because they own a gun that have to use it, and most of the time it’s not necessary,” he said.

Second-year Florida State University biology student Lashera Davis, stated that nothing is wrong with guns at all.  

“We all have a right own them, mentally capable or not. Even if we want to use them for good or bad, it’s our choice.”  

On the other hand, Anthony Washington, 19-year-old FAMU psychology student said “you shouldn’t be able to use a gun whenever you want to. Every time a gun is used it’s either in homicide or suicide. We need to learn to use our guns wisely.”  

As debates continue, violence with handguns are still ongoing. The Second Amendment gives all Americans right to bear arms. Some say this amendment could be reviewed to counteract the current violence in America.