New Director of Black Archives Finishes Up First Week

Dr. Nashid Madyun was selected on Oct. 27, as the new director of The Carrie Meek-James M. Eaton Sr. Southeastern Regional Black Archives and Research Center. Dr. Madyun has recently wrapped up his first official week last week.

Florida A&M University’s Provost Marcella David told that she is glad that the Black Archives has a director with as much experience in research and history as he does.

“We are extremely happy to have a person with Dr. Madyun’s capabilities and passion for preserving African and African-American history for future generations taking over the operation of one of the University’s most prized assets,” David said.

One of the first initiatives that Dr. Madyun plans to implement as director of Black Archives is more involvement with K-6 adolescents.

“There can be hands-on educational opportunities as well as general fun that parents and children can enjoy together. We can highlight different areas of the history,” Madyun said.

Many employees appreciate the direction that Dr. Madyun is planning on taking the Black Archives.

Denzel Freeman, a third-year computer information systems student looks forward to Dr. Madyun taking the Black Archives out of the “stone age.”

“Anything that is modern and good for technology is going to be good for our facility considering that it is very old. It’s a lot of different things that we don’t have that are going to make us a lot better,” Freeman said.

Dr. Madyun previously worked as the director of the Hampton University Museum in Hampton, Va. for four years. He said that his first week at FAMU has been going wonderfully.

“This is a very hospitable community and I think I will be here for a couple of decades,” Madyun said.