Top Flite Nightclub Proposes Expansion For New Parking Lot

Tallahassee-Leon County planning commission held a meeting last Tuesday to determine whether or not to approve the zoning change for Top Flite Club.

The planning commission met last month at the Renaissance Center to propose rezoning to build a new parking lot.

Top Flite Club owner, Theophalas McBride applied to the city for a permit to extend the building by adding a new parking lot for the club in an empty space.

The nightclub currently owns two parking lots on Osceola Street, the owner is seeking to add 0.17- acre parcel of land on the north side of Osceola Street.

The nightclub was established over 35 years ago on Tallahassee’s south side. Its location is in a predominantly residential area.

Some students feel they are intruding when having to park near a resident’s home. 

Roshunda Guilfor, a Tallahassee native and a political science student at Florida A&M, wishes a new parking lot would be built because it would benefit everyone in the area.

“The new parking lot would be very beneficial to the surrounding community. It will be safer for vehicles and individuals who are forced to park on the side of the street,” Guilford said.

Top Flite is open from Wednesday-Sunday. The nightclub sits across from the Elite Preschool, with the club hours and activity some believe the parking lot could be hazardous to the community.

Lee Johnson, pastor of Trinity United Presbyterian Church expressed that the new parking lot will conflict with his church.

”I am very concerned about Top Flite’s request for rezoning in the immediate neighborhood,” Johnson said. “I have spoken to the Mayor about the violences that emanates from the club.”

However, Tishiba Owens, owner of Elite Preschool, said the rezoning would not interfere with her business.

“The club hours are different from the preschool’s hours, so I’m not worried about the confliction,” Owens stated.

Rodney Hughes, who lives in Marquess Corner Apartments, next to Top Flite believes the new expansion would not intervene with his home.