GOP Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Pays Tallahassee a Visit

Photo by: Morgan Culler

Thousands of people who showed up to Books-A-Million were not only waiting in line to get their “A More Perfect Union” book signed, but rather to show their support for presidential candidate Ben Carson. 

Former pediatric neurosurgeon and current GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson,  paid a visit to Florida’s capital city Monday morning.

Carson is currently on 38-city book tour promoting his latest book, “A More Perfect Union.”  

Larry Rawlins, expressed that he has not read Carson’s book, and solely came to back the candidate.

“I just wanted to see him and see what kind of support he had,” Rawlins said.

Unlike Rawlins, some of the supports enjoyed Carson as an author, and strictly came to get their book autographed.

The line to purchase “A More Perfect Union” was a 10-aisle maze throughout the Books-A-Million bookstore that snaked around the corner into the parking lot behind the store.

“I heard that Dr. Carson was going to be here, and so I wanted to come and see him and get him to sign my book,” supporter Mary Terhune said.

Terhune, who has not yet read the book, said she is looking forward to reading the book.

“I had read his book, ‘Gifted Hands’ before he started running for president, and I was very impressed by it,” Terhune said.

While many people in the crowd were there to either show support for the latest book from the author or show their support for his presidential run, one person in the crowd had a totally different agenda.

Eugene Butler Jr., a native of Jefferson County, said he came out to get insight into how Dr. Carson was running his campaign. 

Butler, who is currently  running for Jefferson County Sheriff, said although he is not a Republican he want to wish him luck.

“I’m not a Republican, but this man is a front runner for the President of the United States and he deserves our respect and I’m out here to shake his hand and wish him well.”

Carson departed Tallahassee around 3 p.m. Monday afternoon as he headed south to Tampa.

According to, he has seven more stops in Florida before closing out his book tour in Boca Raton on Nov. 5.