“No Justice No Peace!” FSU’s Student for a Democratic Society Takes A Stand

Photo By: Maya Lune Jean-Charles

Florida State University’s “Students For A Democratic Society” (SDS) hosted a Rally Thursday in honor of Corey Jones.

Jones was a 31-year old church drummer from Boynton Beach, Fla.

While he was on his way back from a gig. Jones’ car happened to break down. Jones was waiting for his tow truck and Officer Nouman K. Raja pulled him over in an unmarked police car.

Jones was murdered by Officer Raja, who believed that Jones was “armed and dangerous.” This took place on the morning of Sunday October 18 on Interstate 95 in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

The Rally took place in FSU’s Free Speech Zone.

Students gathered around and celebrated Corey’s life as well as speak on police brutality, and what students can do to fight back.

Ruthie White, director of Internship and career services at Florida A&M University’s School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, was also a special guest speaker.

White spoke out about the lack of HBCU students at the event, and how we should realize the importance of police brutality.

“The students in SDS reached out to me about helping them host this rally and said they wanted to make sure it was done the right way,” White said. “I feel like students do not use their voices nor do they understand that there is power in numbers.”

White on her thoughts as to how students can fight back against police brutality.

Regina Joseph, a third-year political science student at FSU, and president of the SDS organization feels that the repetitive nature of police brutality shows the flaw in the system.

“The fact that we had to recycle so many of our signs, we’ve had so many rallies against police brutality just shows us how the system does not stop,” Joseph said.

Jamal Pitts, a fourth-year economics and international affairs student at FSU. Pitts spoke on his thoughts on how we can bring awareness to these issues.

“I think it just starts with a conversation two opposing sides can disagree but as long as you're speaking and walk away learning about the opposing side you both win.”

The SDS will continue to fight against racism, segregation, and equal rights for all.

For more information on SDS and how to join the movement, visit https://www.facebook.com/tallysds