A FAMUly Pledge to Ban Together

FAMU President Elmira Mangum signing the
#FAMUForward pledge.

Florida A&M University President, Elmira Mangum, was the first person to sign the #FAMUForward Pledge on Thursday. Her goal is to get every member of Rattler nation to follow her lead.

Mangum gathered those who were curious to hear about the #FAMUForward Pledge Program and announcement of the national “Ban the Box” forum that will be held Nov. 12 at the College of Law in Orlando.

Although unable to stay for questions from the media, Mangum did not leave the press conference without first signing the #FAMUForward Pledge.

Mr. and Miss FAMU, representatives of the Student Senate and a few more female students, followed Mangum’s signature.

Provost Marcella David was also in attendance and  explained how people in the FAMU community could contribute to moving FAMU forward. She touched on subjects relative to the progression of FAMU in its entirety.

After listing the strategies to be implemented in this movement, David referred back to the many accolades throughout the history of FAMU.

“We want to not only continue this tradition. We want to enhance it.  We want to break new ground and we want to take our rich legacy to the next level," David said.

The financial responsibility while attending college, retention graduation rates, FAMU’s corporate partners’ social responsibility and fundraising efforts are just a few of the improvements on the list.

Clinical psychologist for the Aakhet Center for Human Development, Sharon Ames-Dennard stated that the signing of the #FAMUForward Pledge showed a sign of support toward Mangum, administration and the community.

Ames-Dennard shared that the signing was such a “pivotal” and “important” moment.

“This right here [signed pledge], for everyone, stands as a signature of our commitment to do the best that we can do in the interest of propelling FAMU forward," Ames-Dennard said.

Ames-Dennard also did not make her exit until she signed the pledge and later said “FAMU will rise together.”

“Over its 128-year legacy, FAMU has never failed to rise to the occasion. And together we will rise. Together we will move Forward," Ames-Dennard said.