The Freshmen First Year Experience

Being a freshman is something we have all experienced before, but being a college freshman is a radical change. The first semester for a Florida A&M University freshman is a learning experience. One that students seem to be enjoying so far.

The freshman experience is a life changing event, which is truly a test of your adaptability.

College is supposed to be a time of fun, growth, and learning, but being able to adapt is imperative because your college future all depends on how well you adapt to a situation that you have never been in.  

Thomas Howell, a first-year pre-pharmacy student from Blountstown, Fla., said his experience has been a little hectic so far, but he is learning to stay on top of his schoolwork.

“It’s pretty good, I’m enjoying it, it’s a little hectic, I’m taking like eight classes and I’m a cross country and track athlete so it’s a little hectic right now but I just got to figure it out,” Howell said.

He offered a word of advice to other freshmen saying, “stay on top of your schoolwork don’t wait till the last minute to do things.”

Being on your own in college means that you have to set priorities for yourself, because at the end of the day, priorities are the foundation of time management.

Stephanie Abrado, a first-year pre-nursing student from Orlando, Fla., stressed that balance is important.

“Learn how to balance out your social and educational life. They stress it a lot in high school but now it’s a reality. Balance is key,” Abrado said.

The separation between students and parents creates the need for constant communication. Because students are on their own for the first time, parents often are concerned how their child is doing and anything new they have to share.  

Malik Woody, a first-year pharmacy student from Palm Beach County, Fla., said he talks to his mother everyday.

“I talk to my mother every day, at least two three times a day.”

Because students are on their own, it means that they have to do things for themselves. Being on your own means that you are now budding into adulthood and that you are becoming more separate, as Abrado would put it.

“It’s not the same as being at home where you have everything handed to you. Like I kind of have to go and get it now,” said Abrado.

Although you have people supporting you in college, you must also make that extra stretch to get things done because it is all on you as an individual.