2015 Homecoming Stays Below Budget And Below Expectations

Courtesy of famuhomecoming2015.com

A crowd of more than 22,000 filled Bragg Memorial Stadium for Saturday’s football game, the Rattlers’ first win of the year.  But Florida A&M University’s 2015 Homecoming failed to meet expectations financially, according to the Student Senate meeting held Monday evening.

Student Senator Victor Chrispin Jr. reported that a budget of $198,731 was set for FAMU’s 2015 Homecoming, but only $183,841.74 was spent.

Some students were disappointed, specifically with the concert that never happened, not to mention the comedy show.

According to Chrispin, the concert money was placed in a general entertainment account which requires the signature of both the SGA President and the Senate President. The SGA President didn’t want to sign it, said Chrispin. Without documentation from a promoter to get several artists, the Vice President also didn’t feel comfortable with the concert without a “paper trail.”

“The SGA concert, however, was planned. Artists were on board. SGA officials just weren’t on one accord to get it rolling,” Chrispin said.

Jasmine Johnson, fourth-year healthcare management student, said Homecoming was ok.

“I wouldn’t say it was the best. I definitely wouldn’t say it’s the worst. I really liked the dorm step show coming back,” Johnson said. “The comedy show was kind of disappointing, as far as the headliner.”

Chrispin said communication, or lack thereof, can be tied to the disappointing Homecoming outcome.

“It hasn’t been effective communication between SGA, the Homecoming Committee, the student body, faculty and staff,” Chrispin said. “There was a point in time where you had three or four people just trying to push Homecoming … It literally was just the same people everyday fighting to keep Homecoming alive.”

This year’s Homecoming could be compared with the 2012 Homecoming, Chrispin said.

“It reminded me of our freshmen year, 2012. We worked with what we had. We had to pull some tricks out of the hat and that’s what we were trying to do (this year),” Chrispin said.

Not all students at Monday’s Senate meeting said the past week’s Homecoming was disappointing. Some students saw the bigger concept.

“It (Homecoming) was great. It was my first one, so it was a great first experience,” Priscilla Cole, first-year pre-physical therapy student and Tallahassee native, said. “Even when I was in high school, just seeing the atmosphere and everybody coming back from wherever they lived to visit … was amazing.”

Chrispin hinted at something students should keep a look out for to make up for the “concert.”

“I’m going to do everything in my ability to give the student body something. I can’t say that it will be another concert but it’s going to be something worthwhile,” Chrispin said.