Juicing Believed to Have Healing Powers

In the recent years it seems that the hype of juicing has transformed into a healthy way of life for millions of people around the world.

It is very common to see men and women crowded into a juice bar in the morning and all throughout the day as if it were a popular coffee shop.

Many order juice combinations with a wide range of fruits and vegetables in order to nourish their bodies with nutrients, strengthen immune systems, boost energy, or merely for a tasty healthy treat.  

Researchers have found phytochemicals in many fruits and vegetables that prevent diseases and ailments.

Mary Russ a healthy eating specialist at Whole Foods has consistently been a part of the juicing lifestyle for more than five years, she said it helps her a lot.  

“I’ve been juicing for about ten years now and I’ve found that it’s a wonderful way for me to add in a lot of phytonutrients that I would normally miss out on in my regular diet,” Russ said.

The National Cancer Institute has found that there are specific substances known as phytochemicals that are responsible for preventing diseases.  These phytochemicals are found in many citrus fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, and many other natural super foods.

“It leaves people a lot cleaner and it is a way for people to detox to maybe get rid of some chemicals or process foods that are left harboring in their body,” Danielle Kurtin a Trader Joe’s employee said.   

Besides the scientific benefits, many juicers simply enjoy the tasty drink because of the burst of energy or for the clear skin benefits. 

“I’ve been juicing for about a year and a half. I felt different in my body. I had more energy. I would just say you have to be careful about what you juice because you may throw a bunch of fruit in and it may be full of more sugar than nutrients,” says Bekke Schmidtman a Trader Joe’s employee.  

Juicing has many benefits that turns a once trend to a classic health benefit that is subject to remain in style for the long haul.