Hearns Making His Mark In The Business World

Famu sophomore running back Gerald Hearns.

Florida A&M University sophomore running back Gerald Hearns not only is a hard worker on the football field but he is already making strides in the business world as well.

Hearns has been a starter since his freshman season and most know him for his physical play in the backfield. What most people do not know about Hearns is that he is actually on an academic scholarship studying business administration.

With the help of his cousin Terryon Chapman, Hearns was only a senior in high school at the time and already owned his own sock company at the age of 19.

The brand name of his sock company is FOR HIS GLORY (F.H.G.) and the purpose for the brand name is because of their faith in Christ. His services were investing and upgrading to elite socks and adding different features to them to distinguish a different prototype from the Nike Elite sock brand.

Growing up in Riviera Beach, Fla., Hearns would go on to help his nationally ranked high school football team Dwyer High to win the state championship in 2013. Obviously with that performance he proved to have what it takes to play Division 1 football, however he still took the academic scholarship over an athletic scholarship.

Even with his hectic student-athlete schedule, Hearns still maintains a 3.0 GPA in the School of Business and Industry.

“In life many people say that when you want something as bad as you breath you have to make a sacrifice.” Hearns said. “My overall vision is to continue to serve others including different communities and build the F.H.G brand.”

He added that he looks forward to networking with major companies and owning other established companies in the future.

Last year’s president of the FAMU Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Xavier Mackey had the pleasure of having Hearns serving under his leadership on that committee.

“While most freshmen were worried about adapting to college and having more freedom, Gerald seemed to focus on bigger things.” Mackey said. “Adding on a business to an already heavy workload is mind-blowing, and I believe he is redefining the title student-athlete by showing the athletes at FAMU that they are not limited to only being student-athletes.

Former Compliance Assistant in the FAMU Athletic Department Nakia DeBlanc who served as Hearns staff advisor for SAAC throughout his freshmen year seemed to have admired his ambition.

“Gerald is already a great role model at his age and his belief in God gives him that extra edge.” DeBlanc said. “He is a true example of the kind of student-athlete FAMU needs to recruit and what society needs!”