Office of Student Activities Hosted Campus Clean-up

Florida A&M University’s Office of Student Activities (OSA) held Rattler Fever Clean-Up Sunday from 1-4 p.m.

Homecoming week brought hundreds of Rattler alumni, friends and family to the university's campus.

There were several events held on campus including the football game, a variety of vendors and the most attended “Set Friday.”

With events taking place every day of homecoming week, there was no time to stop and clean up after the activities, which left a huge mess Sunday for students to tackle.

Damon King, a second-year theatre student from Miami, Fla., expressed how excited he was to be able to make a change.

“It’s a great feeling to know that with my help the university is a better looking place. I’m trying to make sure that the Rattlers behind me enjoy the same beautiful campus I did,” King said.

With the amount of traffic FAMU experienced during homecoming it a major clean-up to keep the university campus clean was a necessity.

Second-year pre-pharmacy student, Lanece McCoy expressed her concerns with the clean up. 

“We worked very hard to ensure no trash was left behind on our campus. The amount of volunteers we had could’ve been a lot better, but we managed to work things out and get it cleaned properly.”  

“Not many students are willing to participate in the clean-up, but are present for the littering process which is sad,” King added.

The students were placed in groups and spread throughout the university to ensure all areas on campus were cleaned.

Deja Thomas, pre-nursing student from Jacksonville, Fla., OSA employee from Orlando, Fla., thought the event was a great opportunity for students.

“The students were given community service hours for the day as incentive to help clean the campus. They were prompted to sign in to ensure correct hours were distributed.”

Campus clean-ups are something that is held after all big events at FAMU. For information about how to participate in the next campus clean-up contact OSA at (850)599-3400.