Women’s Basketball season preview

Courtesy of Famu Athletics

Last year’s leading scorer and defensive rebounder Olivia Antilla is disappointed by the way the 2014-2015 season ended. With a losing record (8-21), she plans to help the Lady Rattlers come back strong this upcoming season.

The Rattlers finished ninth in the conference with an ending record of (5-11).

In her seventh season as the women’s head coach, LeDawn Gibson believes that this season will be one for the books and will leave you wanting to see more.

“I think once you see it one time you are going to want to come back. It’s going to a very exciting year for women’s basketball.”  Gibson said.

As the team prepare for the season, student-athletes and staff are looking forward to the support from everyone.

Athletic Director Milton Overton Jr., is a prime believer of supporting the school and having school pride.

“If we have a lot of people there then the probability that we are going to win is higher,” Milton said.

With new implementations to the Rattlers sports program such as new players, new coaches and a new Athletic Director, prior student-athletes and coaches believes that this season of sports will improve all around and not just in women’s basketball.

“Students are a major part in getting everyone else hyped up about the season. “I love the pride of the school, how involved everyone is and how everyone else around the athletes help the school become a better place.” Antilla said.  

As the women’s basketball team prepares, students, Alumni and parents are encouraged to come out and support the lady Rattlers.

Their first game will be Nov. 13 at 5 p.m. ET in Miami, Fla., against Florida International University.

If you want to be apart of the excitement, visit famuathletics.com or call the ticket office at (850)-599-3141.