Irving Berlin’s White Christmas Auditions

Theatre Tallahassee held auditions for Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas”, October 11-12.

The production is based on the film and tells the story of two veterans, who have a successful celebration after World War II. The two buddies, with their two sisters, host a performance in Vermont to help their retired General, while finding romance along the way.

Brian Davis, director at Theatre Tallahassee from Buffalo, N.Y., stated that the production is for the holidays, and last December was the first time it was shown.

“We’re looking for a show that everyone will look to around Christmas time,” Davis stated. “We want people to bring their relatives, their friends, and everyone else they know to come see the production.”

The production will feature the music of Irving Berlin, including Snow!, Blue Skies, and the holiday classic, White Christmas.

Theresa Davis, stage manager of White Christmas from Tampa, Fla, explained that most of her job is to block all of the scenes and make sure that the cast has their appropriate schedules.

“I love being involved in the theatre, whether it’s onstage or backstage,” noted Theresa Davis. “I’ve been involved in theatre for 30 years and I’ve been working for Theatre Tallahassee going on four years now.”

Auditions were open to anyone with an interest in performing, even if one has no experience.

Scott Mock, an aspiring actor and was casted as Ezekiel Foster last year, has been involved in many productions such as Rock of Ages and Neil Simon's The Odd Couple in the past five years.

“I love the whole theatre community and once you get involved, you’re basically a part of the family," Mock stated. "Last year was great, but I'm going up for the lead role of Bob Wallace."

Production dates are December 3 through 20 and ticket prices range from $15.00 to $25.00.

Theatre Tallahassee is located at 1861 Thomasville Rd. For more information    visit