2015 FAMU Homecoming Sneak Peek

Courtesy of Famu Homecoming 2015

The most anticipated time of the year on the campus of Florida A&M University is around the corner with the 2015 FAMU homecoming week approaching this upcoming Sunday.

This year’s FAMU homecoming theme will be “Straight Outta FAMU” modeling after one of the top-selling movies in 2015, Straight Outta Compton, which was produced by FAMU alumni Will Packer.

In a recent homecoming planning meeting, the university’s homecoming chair Marvin Green Jr stated that this year’s homecoming will have an old school kick to it. Green is also the Director of the Office of Student Activities.

“This year we want everyone to know out of FAMU anything can happen and anybody can come from this place we call FAMU.” Green said. “We have some of the best in the business in various industries via sports, business, journalism, law pharmacy etc.”

Students, alumni, and FAMU supporters can look forward to many exciting events such as the comedy and step show in this year’s homecoming. The homecoming parade will be on campus this year for the first time in nearly 50 years opposed to the traditional route downtown Tallahassee.

This year’s homecoming festivities will all be on campus as well for the first time in many years.

DeCheena Tillman, the president of the FAMU Alumni Detroit Metro Chapter and a Life Member in the FAMU National Alumni Association expressed her excitement about her annual homecoming returns to “The Hill”.

“Homecoming is an opportunity for the FAMU alum and the rattler community to reminisce on some of the best times of their lives.” Tillman said. “After every homecoming reality kicks in when you have to return to the job that you probably would not have gotten if it wasn’t for the degree that you received from FAMU.”

Janae Baker, a graduating senior from Winter Haven, Fla., is looking forward to her last homecoming as an undergrad at FAMU.

“My mom and aunt are FAMU alums so I have been going to FAMU homecomings since I was in seventh grade.” Baker said. “I am actually looking forward to the opportunities of coming back to homecomings in the future as an alumnus like I watched my family do growing up.”

The 2015 homecoming event schedule can be viewed in its entirety on the FAMU Student Union and Activities home webpage.