Florida State University Hosts Annual Sports Management Conference

Florida State University (FSU) hosted the 17th annual Sports Management Conference on Friday in the FSU Student services building.

The FSU Sports Management Conference gives an opportunity to those who attend to network with a variety of sport organizations, listen to professionals in the industry and enhance your employment potential. 

The event was pre-registration only and tickets sold out quickly.

Introduction to sports management student, Rudolph Clapshire, expressed how knowledgeable the event was.

“In my entering FSU’s Sports management program I’ve quickly been bombarded with new opportunities but this one was definitely the most informational and I was able to meet quite a few successful people in the industry,” Clapshire said.

The cost for attendance to the event increased when 40 percent of registration occurred on the day of the conference bringing ticket prices up to as much as $70.

“This is my third year attending the conference; it’s amazing to be able to give these students a real story and real facts on what it’s really like in our industry,” Visiting guest, Joe Dinda of Alliance Sports Management said.

The Sports management department at FSU try to raise enough money every year so they can recruit top employees in the industry to speak at the conference.

“Hard work and networking is key in this industry,” Dinda said. “This conference will give them a sneak peek at what the top sports management agents had to do to get where they are now.”

Although the conference was sports management based, other sports related majors were in attendance to the conference.

“FSU always has great events like these that are versatile to different majors, I was able to exchange numbers with the CEO of a Firm that had openings in my field. I’m super excited for more opportunities at conferences like these,” fourth-year athletic training program student, Megan Martinez, said.

If you missde FSU’s 17th Annual Sport Management Conference and would like more information about next year’s event contact the department at (850) 644 6885.