Thrive Hydration Clinic Helps Save Lives

Many individuals are not aware that Thrive Hydration Clinic in Tallahassee offers a variety of circulatory therapies to treat illnesses- primarily dehydration.  

The hydration therapy utilizes an invasive procedure to deliver fluid medications, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements directly to your bloodstream.

The business also boasts treatments for morning sickness, flu-like symptoms and hangovers.

“We often get busy during the fall and winter seasons,” said Tyler Riddle, the owner of the clinic. “Many people come around this time of year to boost their immune system. We also have those who come that are dehydrated or suffer from other symptoms.”

Riddle said the idea came about to start the clinic during his wife’s first pregnancy.

They would make frequent visits to the hospital for IVs when she encountered morning sickness.

Riddle and his wife would pay hundreds of dollars to sit in the hospital all day and receive small ounces of medication for dehydration. He decided to create a business that would minimize visits to the hospital and decrease the intake of money for people in the local area.  

Brandon Hall, a paramedic and employee at the clinic expressed that the clinic recieved busy daily.

“We see about 50-60 people per week whether they are house calls or appointments at the facility. The most popular IV that is used is the Toradal, which is an anti-inflammatory administered IV for aches pains headaches and dehydration,” Hall said.

Thrive does what staff calls a “full demographic screening” that involves a patient’s height, weight, blood pressure, respiratory rate and pulse oximetry.  People with congestive heart failure, blood pressure based on body type and composition are not served by Thrive, also patients must be 18 years or older to be seen.  

Kenny Johnson, 25, and graduate from Florida State University, expressed how satisfied he is with Thrive Clinic.

“Thrive literally saved my life, I consumed too many drinks during my birthday weekend. I went to thrive Saturday morning and after my 35-minute treatment I felt rejuvenated,” Johnson said.

“This facility was built to accommodate individuals who are tired of waiting in emergency rooms for hours for simple complications. The facility is a unique service that can benefit anyone. The experience will keep residents safe, healthy and secure. The process is comfortable and affordable,” Riddle said.

The clinic can sit 25 patients, and include three movie lounges with plasma TVs and recliner chairs.

It is located on 1525 W. Tennessee St. Suite 206. Their offices of operations are from 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. on Monday-Friday and 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m Saturday and Sunday. Insurance is not required.