New Ballot Proposal for Medical Marijuana

Two Florida lawmakers made a proposal to allow terminally ill patients to get medical marijuana Wednesday.

Senator, Rob Bradley, (R-Fleming Island) and Representative. Matt Gaetz (R-Fort Walton Beach), held a conference to announce their proposal, which will be considered for the 2016 legislative session.

Gaetz expressed that lawmakers refuse to ignore the issue as the results showed citizens were in favor of medical marijuana with 57 percent of the votes.

"The people in our communities who care about cannabis reform, who want to be able to die without being jacked up with opiates and without being in excruciating pain are visiting their legislators,'' Gaetz said.

Before the proposal can appear on the ballot, it still needs approval from the Florida Supreme Court and the required signatures.

Bradley stated the people care about these issues, and it is our right that we carry out what the people want.

"We've been elected to do the people's business, and I take it very seriously when this is something that is on people's minds,” Bradley said. “We need to address it."

Doctors are gearing up to get certified to provide an extract of medical marijuana, “Charlotte's Web".

The drug, "Charlotte's Web"  was legalized last year, but it has not been disbursed.

The Florida Medical Association requires doctors to complete a cannabis course prior to medical marijuana being distributed.

The course is an eight-hour training, which must be taken every two years.

Jeff Scott, general counsel of the Florida Medical Association, says the course entails knowledgable education and the proper way of how to order.

"The course covers things you would want to know if you were going to order a particular substance for your patient,” said Scott.

Only 47 doctors in the Florida have taken the course, and only two are from Tallahassee.