Gov. Rick Scott and Adam Putnam Clash

Gov. Rick Scott and state Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam won’t be sitting down for drinks anytime soon as the pair continue to clash on important topics.

Putnam is one of the three cabinet members elected to help Scott shape policy and supervise the state’s agencies.

Scott continues to push the importance of job development while Putnam wants to focus on the need for more water.

“They’re not exactly drinking buddies,” said lobbyist and Republican strategist J.M. “Mac” Stipanovich to the Miami Herald.

The two are disagreeing more frequently and it does not look like it will stop anytime soon as Putnam builds his political base to replace Scott in 2018.

The two began their feud in June when Scott approved pay raises for driver license examiners and rejected Putnam’s request to raise the pay of forestry firefighters making on average about $27,000.

 “In every walk of life, relationships matter, it matters whether you get the benefit of the doubt. The governor and agriculture commissioner don’t have a warm personal relationship, says Stipanovich to the Miami Herald.

Putnam proposed the raise for the firefighters again, two weeks ago.

Sen. Don Gaetz R-Niceville told the Herald that it comes from ineffective communication.

“It’s failure to communicate, Adam didn’t have the opportunity to make his case, and now feelings are hurt,” he said.

Last Tuesday Putnam got the green light for a $4.1 million easement to protect a century-old ranch in Orlando.  

Scott doesn’t want to the state to pay more that 90 percent of the appraised value of the ranch and urged cabinet members to protect taxpayers.  

“That’s what I would do in my business life, and that’s’ what I think we should do for the taxpayer,” said Scott to the Miami Herald.   

Putnam was the victor in this battle with a 3-1 decision.