FSU’s Museum of Fine Arts hosts Tallahassee International Exhibition

Photo by: Nyah Abdala

Clothing the walls with artwork from all different cultures and artists, the Tallahassee International art exhibition gave artists all over the world, a chance to showcase their creative minds on Friday.

The Tallahassee International exhibition is an annual competition, sponsored by the Florida State Museum of Fine Arts.

With the competition being open to artists worldwide, 18 years of age and older, there were more than 400 works to review, submitted by an estimated 200 artists.

This gives up and coming artists the opportunity to have their work seen by professionals and visitors of the exhibition, heightening their chances of being discovered.

Teri Abstein, curator of education at the Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts, said she works with a diverse group of students.

“We work with students from all over the world, from different universities and age groups,” Abstein said. “They don’t have to have any training or background, they just have to submit their artwork.”

Director of Communication and Archives One, Elizabeth McLendon, said that one of the goals for the exhibition is to highlight different skill sets for different mediums.

“It’s fascinating to see what’s coming in, not only from around the country, but also internationally,” she said. “We try to highlight different skill sets while being inclusive.”

According to McLendon, the turnout this year has been great. In September alone, they had more than 4000 guests visit the gallery.

Damari Pacheco, a fourth-year Florida State University hospitality student from Miami, said she is a first time Tallahassee International guest.

“This year was my first time hearing about this exhibition, and I am so amazed at how authentic and abstract these pieces are,” Pacheco said. Seeing all these different cultural mediums, makes me feel as if i’m apart of their experience.”

The 30th Tallahassee International Exhibition brought together artists and cultures to the public to witness.