Think Twice Before You Pack Your Luggage


Courtesy of Tallahassee Democrat

More than 4,100 pounds of prohibited items have been confiscated this year by Transportation Security Administration [TSA] officers during checkpoint screenings at Tallahassee International Airport.

During a press conference held at the airport on Wednesday, TSA had a table outside the TSA checkpoint with items laid out on that had been previously seized. The reason for the table was to bring awareness to the travelers on what they cannot bring in their luggage.

TSA representative, Sari Koshetz believes that passengers must know what they can’t bring on board with them. Having a grenade or any other prohibited items can delay security checkpoint.

“A grenade was taken from a passenger at Tallahassee International Airport,” Koshetz. “We want you to know you may not have a grenade in your carry on or your checked luggage. If we see this on an image it can certainly cause an evacuation, flight delays and everything that goes with it.”

The airport’s aviation director, Chris Curry expresses his concern for the safety of the airport and passengers.

“The airport works in partnership with the TSA,” Curry said. “It’s our job, along with TSA, to create a good overall customer experience and expedite them through the terminal safely so they can get to their destination.”

During the press conference, passengers were alert and concerned about the seized items that were displayed on the table.  

Passenger Sarah Littles, 27, from Dallas, Texas who frequently fly in and out of Tallahassee expressed her concern about the confiscated items.

“It’s scary to know that people are really trying to bring these type of items on board,” Littles said. “However, I am glad that security is able to catch these things for everyones safety.”

TSA encourages travels to double check for items that may be violating the regulations before their arrival at the terminal. by the regulations so they aren’t violating.

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