The City of Tallahassee will host an event “Experience of Power”



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The City of Tallahassee will be hosting an Electric Power Plant Open House at Arvah B. Hopkins Power Generating Station from 1-5 p.m. on Sunday.

This event will be for individuals to learn about the city electricity generation, city services and our community's commitment to clean energy.

Experience of Power will have valuable information on the City's many products and services designed to help customers save energy, water and money, educational features, and fun-filled activities for all ages.

The event will include Quick Response (QR) codes (the geometric arrays of black and white squares used to store and retrieve information) to provide visitors with extra details.

Tallahassee community members are looking forward to learning about new ways to implement in their homes on how to save money. Betty Whilkerson, 59, local resident of 30 years is enthused about the upcoming event.

“This is a good idea that the city has come up with,” Whilkerson said. “I’m always excited about getting knowledge on saving money.

There will be interactive technology for visitors to increase their tour experience by learning more about electricity distribution, energy resources and the importance of safe, dependable and clean power in our community.

For more information, call Your Own Utilities at 891-4YOU (4968).