Cadet Dorothea Rhodel Wins Miss Army ROTC

Last year's Miss Army ROTC, LaDonna Carney crowning this year's winner
Cadet Dorothea Rhodel.

Florida A&M University held its 65th annual Miss Army ROTC pageant on Wednesday in Howard Hall.

Cadet Dorothea Rhodel, a third-year healthcare management student from Miami was crowned as Miss Army ROTC.

Cadets were judged on their execution of the 15-count rifle exhibition, their ability to recite the cadet creed, dance routine and their platforms for potentially serving as Miss Army ROTC. 

LaDonna Carney is a fourth-year criminal justice major from Washington D.C. and last year’s winner of the 64th Miss Army ROTC. She said that in order to be crowned Miss ROTC you must perform well in all facets.

“To be Miss Army ROTC, you have be the standard for every cadet. That includes physical fitness, leadership, discipline and integrity. All the Army values play a role in being Miss Army ROTC,” Carney said.

Other contestants included were: Imani Strong, a third-year business administration student from Chicago, Ill.; and Renarda Howard, a second-year healthcare management student from Chicago,Ill. 

All three contestants impressed the judges, all earning a title in the pageant. Cadet Howard won Miss Congeniality, and the viewers’ choice pick was awarded to Cadet Strong.

In the end, after points were tallied, Cadet Rhodel stood out by impressing the judges with her platform, and won her the title of the Miss Army ROTC. Cadet Rhodel said that as new Miss Army ROTC, she wants to encourage activities that will help cadets continue to build trust and motivate one another.

“Being that I am a representative face of Army ROTC, I must lead from the front. By providing purpose, direction and motivation, I have high hopes that strong bonds will form and leaders will be produced," Rhodel said.

The title of Miss Army ROTC goes down in history within the FAMU ROTC. Every Miss Army ROTC has their picture hanging in Howard Hall for everyone to see. Cadet Rhodel will be the newest addition to the prestigious hall.