Wall Expected To Keep Noise Controlled At Cascade Park

A big wall going up at Cascade Park has some residents relieved and some concerned.

Costing more than $400, 000 the wall is expected to keep noise from Cascade Park at bay.

The 30-Foot wall will be located on the parks south end between the CSX railroad tracks and Van Buren Street.

Several homeowners that live in Cascade Parks vicinity were in awe after winning what has been a three-year battle, the county commission voted in support of the wall.

“I didn’t know what happened, I sat there after the vote and then realized we won,” Jean Conner, a resident that lives close to Cascade Park said. “ When this think happened, everyone just looked five years younger. That’s the way we felt.”

The Beach Boys performed at the amphitheater last week and on nights like that, residents can’t get away from the noise coming from Cascade Park.

“I’m not sure how a family could live in this area with all the music from concerts like this.” Said Ashley McCall a singer for Tallahassee Nights Live, a group that performed at Cascade Park last week.

Officials are currently working on a citywide noise ordinance in an effort to regulate noise.

Acoustics by Design did a study on the effects of the amphitheater on residents in Meyers Park and how the wall could reduce noise for more than 25 homes in the community.

“This is a one-time expense. We have spent a lot of money on studies, and they’ve said it’s bad. We have looked at every option under the sun for three years,” Leon County Commission Chairman Mary Ann Lindley said.