Tallahassee’s Residence Inn makes $1.5 Million Upgrade

Residents traveling through Tallahassee will find their stay a bit more like home thanks to recent renovations. Residence Inn Tallahassee Universities at the Capitol recent renovations topped $1.5 million. The Inn, located at 600 W. Gaines St., is in the heart of the Gaines Street district.

Jenny Dawson, sales executive for Marriott International Inc. said a lot of the renovations were an upgrade. She also emphasized that future renovations are in the works. Marriott generally does it every “five to six years.”

“The whole point is to have people hang out in the lobby and work. We’re one of the first to have this renovation. This is a custom design from our interior designers. We wanted it to be a welcoming feel,” Dawson said.

Charles W. Hester, a certified public accountant and specialist, said his first stay at the Inn was commendable.

“It is a very nice hotel. It seems like the people here genuinely care about the guests,” Hester said.

Hester, who has accumulated over two-million miles on United Airlines traveling, said this Inn rates high among the many he has seen.

“I really like the way my room is laid out. It really feels like an apartment. It’s almost like a combination of a really nice hotel and a residence where you can stay for months,” Hester said.

Residence Inn has also made a temporary home for cast personnel of the Urban Bush Woman Dance Company, who will showcase their world premiere performance of “Trane” at Florida A&M University.

Helen Collen, costume designer for Urban Bush Woman, said the renovations were done well.  

“They nailed it. The rooms are not rooms, they’re mini apartments. Residence Inn is a home you can live temporarily,” Collen said.

The recent renovations brought about a modern style and openness which Collen shared she enjoyed.

“We love the space. It is a very at home atmosphere. We also love that they incorporate a meet-your-neighbor kind of thing,” Collen said.

The project updated the lobby, conference room and public spaces. It is one of the many structures undergoing urban development along Gaines Street. A grand opening event is being held Sept. 30.

It will feature products from neighboring companies such as Grasslands Brewing and Mayor Andrew Gillum in attendance to unveil the new look.