Guest Lecturer Gives Candid Advice for Success

Florida A&M University’s Department of Physics hosted an open lecture featuring Associate Technical Fellow, Dr. Nathan Brooks, Tuesday at 3 p.m. in Perry Paige auditorium. 

Brooks, an alumnus and a former presidential scholar, returned to enlighten students about preparing for graduate school, transitioning into the workplace, obtaining fellowships and studying abroad.

Brooks spoke openly about securing your future after graduate school particularly for physics-major students, but his advice is easily applicable to every student.

“The number one way to get a job, if that’s your goal after school, is to get an internship,” Brooks said.

Brooks expressed that a company is more inclined to hire interns because of the time and money invested into him or her.

Brooks reminded the small group of physics students how important it is to maintain a high grade point average.

Brooks also challenged the audience to think about what extra attributes they have that will make them marketable to future employment prospects.

“Physics shows that you can tackle any problem, but then what are you going to apply it to; physics plus what?” Brooks said.

He stressed to students that exceptionality may soon become the standard in a job market where competition is becoming fierce in every industry.

“If you put your work in during your undergrad years, I promise there will be opportunities," Brooks said.  

Troye Joiner,  a second-year mathematics education student from Bushnell, Fla., stated that Dr. Brook’s advice was beneficial. He learned that he needs to be the subject matter expert in his field. He understands that he needs to remain hungry in his drive for opportunities.

“If you do not have the will and the drive to succeed and figure out what you need to do at this moment to leverage yourself in your career, then you’re not going to be able to reap the benefit later on when you’re given these opportunities.”

Dr. Brooks is at Florida A&M University on behalf of Boeing, his current employer, to recruit students for future employment. His stay is expected to last until Thursday.