Finding the Queen in you with Fitness

According to Medical daily, pole fitness has become a new, fun fitness trend for women in the U.S.

Pole fitness contributes to weight loss for individuals and one can burn up to 250 calories with a pole fitness class.

Hsiang Jones, owner and president of the Queen of Hearts Fitness Studio, said she started teaching pole fitness four years ago before opening her own studio.

“Pole fitness is a great workout and it’s very creative,” Jones stated. “This is a great way of staying in shape and it’s also a great hobby because the pole fitness community is incredible.”

Jones, a 2012 graduate of Florida State University (FSU) and the 2012 Pole Fitness Champion of Florida, stated that she wants her members to feel like family and to know that they are in a safe environment.

The pole fitness classes range from Intro to Pole, a beginner level class that teaches fundamentals of pole fitness, to Pole Level four, which is a ‘tricks’ class that challenges dancers, as well as teaching new skills.

Nicole Moriarty, co-owner and vice-president of the Queen of Hearts Fitness Studio, said that the studio was created because they wanted a place that had pole fitness and where women could be a part of something bigger than themselves.

“Our specialty is pole fitness,” Moriarty said. “There’s a bell in the pole room so any time someone gets a new trick, they’ll ring the bell and the whole class will cheer for them.”

Jones and Moriarty’s goal is to create a space that is empowering and where women come and feel welcomed.

“Our mission statement at the Queen of Hearts Fitness Studio is ‘Empowering women and building the community,” explained Moriarty.

Katie Gallagher, ‘Booty Ballet’ and ‘Vertical Barre’ instructor at the Queen of Hearts Fitness and a third-year dietetics student at FSU, has been teaching at the studio since last summer.

“It’s an easy place to come to, all of my friends are here and they’re very encouraging,” said Gallagher.

The Queen of Hearts Fitness Studio offers classes six days a week and is located at 1660 N. Monroe St., Suite 3.

For more information on classes offered and schedules, visit