Florida A&M University becomes First HBCU with Athletics App

The New FAMU Strike App

Florida A&M University (FAMU) students will now have all of the school’s athletic updates at their fingertips. The FAMU athletic department has announced that the official FAMU Strike App is set to be launched this week.

The app will be free and is hosted through Adobe Digital Publishing Solutions following a partnership between the illustrious tech company and FAMU. The release of the Strike App will make FAMU the first HBCU to have a sports app.

Jacky Miles Jr, a FAMU baseball player and student says that he is excited for the app.

“I think it’ll bring more awareness to FAMU Athletics. I think it will help bring more people out to the game. I’m ready to check it out,” Miles said.  

The app will give students, faculty, alumni, and lovers of FAMU sports the opportunity to check stats and more.

Anthony Mackey, the advisor of the Student Athlete Advisor Committee said that the Strike app will make communication more clear. 

“Anything that will make FAMU Athletic’s information easier to access will be great for everyone," Mackey said. "I have other sports apps that don’t give as much information on HBCU’s in general so this will be a positive step for FAMU Athletics.” 

Isaiah Smith, a  member of FAMU's track and field team says that he feels the app is a great step toward FAMU Athletics getting the recognition that they deserve.

“It’ll be a good feeling to know that what you’re doing is actually out there.”

Along with other features like digital game-day content, the app will provide  rewards for frequent users.

The first home game for the FAMU football team is set to take place this Saturday against Tennessee State. The FAMU Strike App will be an extension of the FAMU Strike, a tangible update that is sold at games for $5.

The Strike app was developed by The Mirum Agency, a design company out of Miami who also helped create last year’s Super Bowl App.