Chaires Community Life Enrichment Center, Inc. hosts Voices of Victory March

Voices of Victory for the National Revovery March Participants.
Photo by: Azaria Samuels.

Chaires Community Life Enrichment Center, Inc. hosted its third annual Voices of Victory for the National Recovery March in Tallahassee starting from C.K Steele Plaza to the Historic Capital steps Friday at 9 a.m.

This is a national event that The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) help with funding awareness and education for chemical dependence and mental health. SAMHSA is building a behavioral health system that will help Americans that are enabled to find effective treatments and services within their communities.

This purpose of this march is to help increase public awareness and inspire others to seek help to recover. Through speaking up about the issues and reaching out to those who need help, the enrichment center advises the community to support.

Drugs are alive and well in the Big Bend and surrounding areas in Tallahassee.

Cassie Hammock, CEO of Chaires Community Life Enrichment Center Inc. said Mental and substance use disorders affect all Americans.

“Tallahassee is under attack with drugs such as Molly, Flocka, and the synthetic drugs have taken over and it’s a silent killer,” Hammock said.

Hammock added that the results of taking these drugs are deadly.

“A lot of people know the name, however, don’t understand that this is a medical alert. These people, when you see them out running and taking their clothes off, are on the verge of death.”

Chaires Community Life Enrichment Center Inc. are exploring to serve Frenchtown and neighboring areas by replenishing a safe behavior modification environment for women that are prostituting and/or substance abusing.

Children from Kingdom Life Academy were lined up and ready to participate in the march.

Students like Ivory Miller, a fourth-year Florida A&M University social work student said she’s at the walk to help spread awareness.

“It starts with the youth. You have to teach them young so that they won’t be out on drugs in the streets” Miller said.

Many marched for awareness and chanted victory until they reached the Historic Capital steps.

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