Domi Station Recruits FAMU Student Entrepreneurs

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Florida A&M University (FAMU) students filled the Domi Station offices for their open house event on Wednesday.

Domi Station, is a workspace and organization dedicated to fostering local start up businesses, and is located within walking distance from FAMU’s campus.

The event aimed to connect students with other aspiring entrepreneurs while showcasing the many resources the organization has to offer.

Christine Urban, Domi’s incubator manager, spoke on the partnership with FAMU and why they want students to get involved.

“We really want to do cross campus engagement,” said Urban. “If you’re going to build a scalable and repeatable business model, you’re going to need help. Everyone needs a team.”

Helping others find a team is part of what Domi wants to do for its members. The organization holds multiple events each month, including competitions and trainings.

In September, Domi launched a program called “Get Started U.” This is a specialized version of their training course designed to build students into successful entrepreneurs.

Dante Bland, a FAMU alumnus, is one student entrepreneur who has been impacted by working with Domi Station.

“How I was before when I first came here, to how I am now is a big improvement, and that’s mainly because of the people who are involved in this place,” said Bland.

Bland is currently preparing to launch his mobile app called Unufy.

Domi Station, in its efforts to encourage start up businesses in Tallahassee, has sponsors such as Florida Blue, Florida State University, the Leon County Commissioners, and Florida A&M University.

LaTanya White, an Entrepreneurship educator at FAMU’s School of Business and Industry, serves as the liaison between Domi Station and FAMU students.  

Her goal is to partner with Domi and to help bring what she teaches in her classroom to the rest of the student body.

“One of the things that I want to do is help move the conversation about entrepreneurship, innovation and problem solving out of SBI and into a campus-wide conversation,” said White.

Many of the students who attended the open house are also eager to partner with Domi Station.

Zuri Mabry, a third-year business administration student at FAMU, attended the event in hopes of fulfilling her entrepreneurship goals.

“I was really amped and excited to come today because I knew it was going to be a good networking event for me as an aspiring entrepreneur,” said Mabry.

Domi Station has over 100 members and takes new members year round. It is their hope that the partnership with Florida A&M University will produce more innovative and successful companies built by the students of Tallahassee.