Gas Prices Leave Wallets a Little Less Empty

Courtesy of WTVB

 According to American Automobile Association (AAA) Daily Fuel Gauge Report, the cost of gas is at an all time low nationwide, falling to $2.289 per gallon. 

 Low gas prices will continue for another week according to AAA spokesman, Mark Jenkins. 

 “Motorists should expect another week of discounts at the pump,” Jenkins said . “Oil prices remain especially low and gas prices are slowly catching up.”

Gas has decreased by 6 cents per gallon since last week and by 28 cents over the course of the last month. Gas prices are expected to fall at a rate of a half-cent a day for the remainder of the year.

The average price in Tennessee fell below $2 a gallon two weeks ago, while motorists in Florida and Georgia are just beginning to see the decrease at the pump.

 The Daily Fuel Gauge shows that falling gas prices continue to benefit motorists within three southern states averaging below $2.09 per gallon, projecting an average savings of over 70 cents per gallon throughout the year.

“Motorists are beginning to find more and more retailers selling gas below $2 a gallon in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. It is unclear exactly how low prices will go in the coming months, but gas still has another 15 cents to fall before hitting the same low price we saw earlier this year when oil prices were this low,” said Jenkins.

Premium gas in Tallahassee averages $2.781 per gallon, $1 less than last year.

Senior public relations student and Apopka native, Asia Cain, is happy about her recent 2016 Honda HRV purchase as premium gas prices continue to decline.  

“I get up to 28 miles in the city and 35 miles on the highway per gallon,” Cain said. “I would actually recommend having a SUV now that gas prices are lower. It was a great investment.”

Gas prices below $2 a gallon will become more of a common sight in the southeastern U.S. Prices at the pump are typically the lowest during the fall and winter seasons because fewer Americans take extended road trips, leading to declines in demand. Furthermore, oil prices are especially low right now due to a wealth in global supply.