Parents Support Daughter’s Vision

Craft & Arts Festival flyer

Dr. Dana Dennard, professor of Psycology at Florida A&M University and wife Dr. Sharon Ames-Dennard, smiled as they enjoyed the Crafts and Art Festival hosted by their daughter Nefetari Dennard.

Saturday, Sept. 19 the Fuzzy Pineapple launched its first festival with help from their parents.

Dennard encouraged Nefetari and Nzinga at an early age to chase their dreams, whatever it may be.

“It’s good to see my daughters applying what I’ve been teaching them for years. I told them to make their dreams their business by making it a way of life,” Dennard said. “It’s impossible for someone to live his or her dreams as a business without the proper discipline. If you’re practicing not doing anything day in and day out, when it’s time to do something you will not have the discipline to execute it.”

The Fuzzy Pineapple Crafts and Art two-day festival invited more than 200 people. The festival included a live band, artists, a variety of vendors, and food.

The founder of The Fuzzy Pineapple, Nefetari Dennard embraced her parents’ presence.

“My parents really came through toward the end and I’m appreciative,” Dennard said.

Her mother stood close and soothed anxiety during the planning of this event.

“I knew it would all come together, the universe provided the perfect weather and I love my daughters,” Ames-Dennard said.  

The supportive parents are well-known for their helping hands. Oral Payne, former restaurant manager at Nefertari’s Fine Cuisine and Spirits has known the Dennards personally for years.

“It’s encouraging and inspiring to find that kind of support,” Payne said.

The Dennard's are looking forward to next year's fuzzy pineapple event.