Jazz On Gaines Street

Family and friends gathered at the Boulevard park on Gaines Street Sunday afternoon to listen to live bands, eat, drink, and relax with friends and family.

All age groups were present and very involved in the activities of the evening at the Jazz on Gaines Street event held by RB ministries.

There were live performances from artists and bands such as: Ray Wiley Band, The Groove, and saxophonist, Stanley Dupont, kept the audience dancing.

Michelle Jarvin, attended Jazz on Gaines Street for the first time and expressed how nice it was to actually get out of the house and come out to relax with her friend after attending church earlier that day.

“I am really enjoying it, I came out here to relax and have some fun and get away from the house, didn’t have to cook, so i’m just enjoying the people”, she said.

Michelle added that this will not be her last time attending the event.

Randy Barr, the CEO of RB ministries said that they will be hosting this event twice annually.

“Jazz on Gaines street, is a non-profit organization, that started in September of 2013,” Barr Stated. “We host this event twice a year, once in March and September. This is the fifth time that we have hosted this event as a way to bring the community together.”

The Jazz on Gaines Street audience, continues to rise as each event takes place, further encouraging the concept that it is serving the exact purpose they set out for it to.

Denise Adams, executive director of RB Ministries, says the birth of Jazz on Gaines Street started with her seeing music as a way to bring people together.

“A little girl loving music was the birth of Jazz on Gaines Street, and as I grew I knew it would be a way to bring people together”

RB ministries are accepting donations and all proceeds are appreciated. If you would like to contact, Denise Adams or Randy Bar, call 850-443-9794.