State University System to Launch “Think Florida” Campaign

State University System of Florida (SUS) is launching a new marketing campaign this month, Think Florida: A higher degree for business.

The campaign comes after the Florida Board of Governors’ (BOG) chair, Mori Hosseini, expressed a desire for a stronger connection between the University System and Florida businesses.

According to a press release by the BOG, Think Florida will promote the SUS as one that produces talented and highly skilled graduates.

University leaders are hoping to use the campaign to attract local businesses as well as any out-of-state businesses that may relocate or expand to Florida.  

The main goal for Think Florida is to bridge the gap between students and potential employers.

LaTanya White, entrepreneurship educator and creator of the Concept Creative Group, explains the recruiting gap between businesses and universities.

“I think universities don’t have an open dialogue with the business industry,” White said. “Businesses need to do a better job at recruiting locally, and universities a better job at showing them what graduates have to offer.”

The State University System and the BOG have decided to partner with Enterprise Florida, the Florida Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations to promote Think Florida.

All 12 Florida state universities will work together on the campaign.

Imani Pelt, a third-year doctor of pharmacy candidate at  Florida A&M University, believe that students can benefits from this opportunity.

“FAMU can contribute to this campaign because it is the largest HBCU in the state,” Pelt said. “We produce the largest amount of Florida’s African-American graduates which can increase the number minorities hired and the number of minority-owned businesses in the state.”

The BOG is hoping the campaign will add to Florida’s already established employment and economic efforts.

Governor Rick Scott has made steps towards keeping and creating local jobs through his Keep Florida Working initiative.

Hosseini explained the efforts of the Keep Florida Working initiative and the SUS.

“The Governor and the Legislature are absolutely committed to pushing out the message that Florida is a great place to grow a business,” Hosseini said. “Now it’s time for the State University System to join in and amplify those efforts.”

This program focuses on cutting taxes, investing in education and improving workforce development in order to have more local jobs and businesses.