FAMU Green Coalition General Body Meeting

Florida A&M University Green Coalition will host its general body meeting Sept. 21 at “the bridge” in the Agriculture building at 5 p.m.

FAMU Green Coalition was founded in 2006 as the only campus-wide student “green group”.  

The Green Coalition has made many contributions to the environment by distributing 7,000 free CFL’s from 2007-2009 as part of “Save a Light for Daylight Savings”, building FAMU GreenCo Park, along with earning several awards and reaching out to educate others.

The Green Coalition’s mission is to partner with campus area and governmental resources to help protect and enhance the health and well being of the greater FAMU community on environmental issues.

Kathryn Ziewitz, Green Coalition advisor, will discuss the importance of the Green Coalition and why students should be more sustainable on campus.

Attendance for the meeting is free of charge and is open to all FAMU students.

To learn more visit https://ideasforus.wordpress.com/chapters/affiliates/famu-green-coalition.