Tallahassee Airport Receives Federal Grant to Improve Air Services

Resident and students that enjoy traveling can expect to see a new set of flights added in the Tallahassee International Airport (TLH).

On Wednesday, the Federal Department of Transportation announced the Tallahassee International Airport as one of the 11 cities awarded with the Small Community Air Service Development grant. The department awarded a $750,000 grant to the City of Tallahassee to help improve air services.

Although there is no word on what flights are being added according to a U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) press release city officials say that the chances of adding new flights to Houston are high.

Aluxes Hamilton, a fourth-year criminal justice student from Houston Texas who travels regularly to Houston said that it is a relief to hear that there might be a direct flight to Houston.

“If a flight was available it would be extremely convenient.” She said her biggest issues with non-stop flights are the layovers and the simple fact that she has to go to Atlanta and board another plane. “With layovers, flights from Tallahassee to Atlanta are 45 minutes, if there was a flight straight through it would eliminate that extra flight time and layover time.

The Tallahassee International Airport City Commission liaison Scott Maddox said the grant was a product of a two-year attempt to expand the airport’s flight destinations.

According to the USDOT, the money is intended to assist small communities like Tallahassee address some of the air service challenges—which would include high fares, insufficient services and the lack of competition.

 “This grant is the culmination of two years of work attempting to attract more flights and lower fares,” said Maddox. He said that the money from the grant would go toward enhancing Tallahassee’s air services and to answer constituents’ request, directly.

Although the grant requires a 30 percent contribution from the community or through airport cash, it is a revenue guaranteed grant, which means if United begins the service and it is successful, the grant funds would not be tapped.

According the press release, a total of 49 eligible applications from 29 states were submitted and only 11 cities were awarded from the $5.5 million grant.

Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Fox said that the connection between smaller communities and the national world is very significant.

“Local air service is vital for connecting our smaller communities to the national aviation system,” Foxx said.

“These grants will help communities across the country attract better air service and provide more travel options for their residents.”

While the Tallahassee Airport has yet to announce any new flights residents can now expect to see a more extensive list of flight destinations.