Women’s Volleyball Season Preview

Florida A&M University (FAMU) women’s volleyball team opens up the season tonight at 7 p.m. in the Al Lawson Center. FAMU will co-host Friday’s FAMU-FSU Invitation.

The lady Rattlers will face Xavier of Ohio in tonight’s home opener with hopes of having a great start to an exciting season.

FAMU Athletic Director Milton Overton believes that the students are the fuel behind the fire for the student-athletes to bring home a win.

“The energy that the fans give is what the student-athletes use to win,” Overton said.

He expects the team to conquer the MEAC championship and go far in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament.

Overton says that he plans to support the team by giving them the resources they need to win and getting other FAMU student-athletes to support each other.  

This season the volleyball team will face off with different opponents such as Florida State, Coastal Carolina, North Florida and Texas A&M.

FAMU Volleyball Coach Tanio Trifonov believes that his team is up for the challenge and the kinetics of the sport itself is enough for fans to be excited about.

“The dynamics of the game have changed tremendously and is very exciting,” Trifonov said.

Ginna Lopez of Peru and Pamela Soriano of the Dominican Republic are some of the players who coach Trifonov believe fans should be on the lookout for in the upcoming season.

Khari Climes, a second-year Business Administration student from St. Petersburg, Fla. said he has never attended a game but looks forward to watching the volleyball team win. He feels that more people should come out and support the team.

“That kills me when I look at other universities like on ESPN and I see how many students they have turn out to the game and I come to our games and see more empty space then we do students in the stand.”

FAMU will face FSU in the Al Lawson Center at 11:30 a.m on Saturday.

Students are encouraged to come out and support the lady rattlers as they open the 2015 volleyball season.

For more information about upcoming Volleyball games visit famuathletics.com or call the ticket office at 850-5993141.