Kanye For President?

As the season changes to fall, Americans have so many things to look forward to. Whether its highly coveted Pumpkin-spice lattes, animalistic football rituals, or simply counting down the last quarter of the year, change is once again in the air.

This particular season also brings the runway walk of countless presidential candidates, mud readied in hands, for the slinging and chastising to begin. 17 Republicans, 8 Democrats and possibly Kanye West. 

The candidates this year are plentiful, colorful, and most of all entertaining.

It’s hard to decipher any real credibility this early in the race, especially when you have a billionaire as the current Republican front-runner. The fact that Donald Trump, a known bully, is the front-runner, speaks volumes about the state of our country.

Are we so broken that Americans are incapable of seeing clearly? Are we so vapid that Donald Trump seems like the most qualified since he brings about such controversial and unforgiving stances?

If this is true, then there should be no questioning that Kanye West is a perfectly qualified candidate to run for president. 

Some believe we are already letting a celebrity run for President because of Trump’s history in reality television.

Calvin Davenport, a political science student of Florida A&M University feels that Kayne is qualified in running.

“Trump is making a mockery of our country. If he can run, Kanye can run. I honestly think that’s why Kanye’s doing it.”

There are 17 republican candidates who feel they can do a better job than Obama. Two of these are former governors, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush; one of which takes pride in eating and yelling at teachers, while the other cannot decide whether he is White or Hispanic.

There is Ted Cruz who denies global warming, because he didn’t see it on a satellite, all while being the current chairman to the space subcommittee.

Lindsey Graham, sometimes known as a flip flopping warmonger, was quoted as saying, “Free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war.”

Ben Carson, an African American neurosurgeon, who was able to separate conjoined twins, has also thrown in his hat, because someone has the ability to separate two humans, does not necessarily mean they are capable of separating ISIS from the Taliban and deciphering other pertinent issues.

The Republican candidates are certainly diverse and all feel they have what it takes.

John Holt, an alumnus of the Florida A&M University’s School of Social Sciences, Art & Humanities expressed that he had enough.

“It’s starting to feel like a joke to me, no one really believes politicians anymore. It’s a popularity game.”

America is built on this ideal that if you put the work in, success will come.

Kanye comes from an educated family, where his mother was a professor of English and she instilled the importance of education and hard work. Kanye used the fact he came from a college-educated family and despite not having a college degree, yet became successful.

Kanye gives so many hope and confidence to create their own success. He openly spouts his opinions, much like Donald Trump, however, he has the humility to apologize just as quickly.

Who else can go on national television, call out George Bush for being racist, and receive an honorary doctorate and state, “George Bush has some very cool self-portraits, I didn’t know he was an artist.”

Kanye is always forgiven for his actions and these days America needs to self-reflect. 

LaToya Hunter, an american national government professor at Florida A&M University, who is also currently getting her Ph.D in political science, believes the average American may not know what’s really going when it comes to politics.

“The nomination process could be hard to understand, and when something isn’t easy enough for the public to understand, unless we search for answers, we are more likely to tune it out.” 

America is known as the bully in the world, bulldozing our opinions and morals on those who do not warrant it. The result is hatred and animosity towards Americans, but we can apologize for that, and who better than Kanye West to do that job?

After all Kanye said, “So my medium is public opinion and the world is my canvas. ‘I’m sorry’ is something you can use a lot. It gives you the opportunity to give your opinion, apologize for it, and give your opinion again.”