Mr. Florida A&M wastes no Time Getting Involved with the Community

Tallahassee Gentlemen’s Quarterly

Tallahassee Gentlemen’s Quarterly (TGQ) is hosting its first male youth conference Saturday, August 29. The conference will provide free mentorship to young African-American males in the Tallahassee area.   

More than 200 males are expected to attend in hopes to hear meaningful advice from guest speakers such as: Mayor, Andrew D. Gillum; Mr. FAMU, Imir Hall; and Florida A&M professor and activist, Maurice Johnson.

The conference is designed to teach males around Tallahassee the art of becoming gentlemen.

In this conference, the young men will gain experience and wisdom from men around the campus of FAMU and within the Tallahassee community.

This conference aims to confront those stereotypes of African-American males in mass media and discuss solutions.

Member of FAMU’s Royal Court escort, Devin Harrison, expressed the positivity that this event will have on young African-African men.

“There are so many stereotypes on African-American males. We just want to motivate and encourage them to take the next step and go to college,” said Harrison.  We want them to know that it does not look bad to have on a shirt and a tie.  It is ok to make that transition to fit into the mold to survive in society.”

High school organizations such as Kappa League, Omega Lamplighters and Distinguished Young Gentlemen are expected to attend.

The seminar will take place in FAMU’s Grand Ballroom from 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m.

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