Feeding in the Park

Saints In Unity Outreach Ministry Inc. serving the homeless

Saints In Unity Outreach Ministry Inc. hosted their monthly Feeding in the Park event Sunday at Carter-Howell-Strong Park from 2:30-5:00 p.m.

Elder Christopher Stevens, Pastor of Mount Moriah Church of God in Unity, Inc. is the founder and president of Saints In Unity Outreach Ministry Inc.

Stevens started the ministry eight years ago; he said that he got inspiration from God to come to this park to feed the hungry.

“When we first started, we had the shelter over here,” said Elder Stevens. “The park used to be packed with close to 200 people.”

The Shelter was recently moved from Tennessee Street to Pensacola Street earlier this year in April.

Stevens said that he does not plan on relocating unless God tells him to, because there is still a need in that area.

Since The Shelter relocated there has been a decline in participants, but that has not stopped the ministry to continue the mission that God has placed on them.

“Now we’re only feeding about 65-70 people,” said Stevens.

Diane Thompson was the speaker at Feeding in the Park and she expressed that all lives matters and that God is in control.

“God loves us so much that he gave his only begotten son,” preached Thompson. “He loves us unconditionally. He has favor upon my life and yours.

Thompson explained how she became affiliated with the outreach ministry about a year ago.

“I been knowing Minister Sterling for five years. She told me about Feeding in the Park and then I started being out here with Mount Moriah to help,” said Thompson.

Ministers praying for homeless who wanted prayer 

Minister Rosa Sterling, a member of Mt. Moriah Church of God in Unity, Inc, stated that Saints In Unity Outreach Ministry Inc. is here to serve the community.

“Not only do we feed the homeless, but we visit the prisoners and the sick and shut in, said Sterling. “It’s no great thing that we are doing this, we are doing what we are called to do.”

The Boy Scouts of America also helped volunteer with Feeding in the Park.

Tourean Underwood, Scout Master of Troop 77, said that this is a good way for his scouts to learn how to give back to the community.

“Our first duty is to God, our second is to our country, our third is to the people,” said Underwood. “They must learn how to put others before themselves.”

Aaron Stevens participated in the event and said he is appreciative that Saints In Unity Outreach Ministry Inc. are taking to the time to feed them (homeless).

“Right now I am experiencing hard times,” said Stevens. “When I’m able to give back, I will because of them.”

Every first Sunday, rain or shine, Saints In Unity Outreach Ministry Inc. conduct feeding in the park at Carter-Howell-Strong Park.