Three Charged for Death of Fallen FAMU Graduate Student

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Three men have been charged for the death of the 24-year-old FAMU graduate student Aaron Goodwin.

Zachary D. Jones, 26, and Marvin Barrington, 23, were taken into to custody on Saturday. While, 22-year-old Antowan Hawkins was still out on the run. He was then caught and arrested on Monday night.

Goodwin’s burned body was found among the debris of his torched sneaker store, “Exclusive Heat” on South Adams Street in May.

Jones and Barrington are being held in custody at the Leon County Jail after they were captured "without occurrence" on embellishment sometime later lawful offense murder, arson, burglary and tampering with evidence charges.

The loss of Goodwin has left his surrounding business owners uneasy and disturbed. Bill Blair, owner of Rising Sun Auto said that it is just hard to know that someone would do such an evil thing to a good person.

"We lost a person with a lot of potential to actually do something good,” said Blair. “He was really willing to help this town out."

Mike Wood, Leon County Sheriff Officer is pleased with having the men in custody because it means they are a step closer to solving the murder.

"We've made progress that means something to the family of Goodwin," said Wood. "It doesn't change the pain they're experiencing or their sacrifice."

With the three men in custody, it can give the family a sigh of relief. The family is still inquisitive and searching for answers, but they feel better, said Mickey Clayton, a longtime family friend.

"It's a sigh of relief," said Clayton. "It's something that's weighed heavily on everybody. We can't bring Aaron back but the people who did it won't be able to get away with it."

Goodwin’s murder is still under Investigation. Anyone with information is asked contact the Sheriff’s Office.

"We haven't crossed a finish line yet," said Wood. "Any information we are 100 percent interested in. It can help substantiate what we already have."