Positive for the Youth of Tallahassee

Stop the Violence Heart Cards

MY LIFE (Magellan Youth Leaders Inspiring Future Empowerment) hosted its monthly event at Palmer Munroe Teen Center on Wednesday.  

The event was to empower teenagers and young adults between the ages of 13-23 who experience challenges in their life.

The teen center is dedicated to the development of teens throughout Tallahassee. The center is a place for teens to increase their opportunities within the community and to embrace their social responsibilities.

Jasmine Butler, recreation aide for the Palmer Munroe Teen Center, said the center has a positive influence on the teens who attend.

“The center helps children in many ways. We offer a safe haven for kids. We offer tutoring because education comes first, sewing and cooking classes,” Butler said. “We have a lot of children who make up stories to their parents just so they can come to the center.”

MY LIFE occurs every fourth Wednesday at the center. The event gives young people a chance to use their experience, talents and voice to make positive changes. The event features inspirational speakers, entertainment, interactive activities and free food.  

Tallahassee MY LIFE ambassador, Lewis Thurston II, ensures that students involved with MY LIFE will become leaders within the community. 

“MY LIFE is a youth empowerment event. We are trying to teach kids how to become leaders and actually step into those roles,” said Thurston.  “They take on the responsibilities during the event by leading the icebreakers or an event.  They really enjoy doing this because they are able to take from the event and apply it to other settings such as, school, home and in the community.”

Calvin Dennis, a guest speaker and founder of Every Story Has a Story, encouraged the teens to write down methods that could stop the violence in Tallahassee.   

“It’s all in what you teach them at this point,” Dennis said. “They are not different than any other kid.  It’s all in what they see and hear.  If their influences are positive they can take another path against violence.”

 MY LIFE Tallahassee upcoming dates are Aug. 26 and Sept. 23.  There is no cost to participate.