Comets Big Bend Showdown

Tallahassee Comets will host its 12th Annual Big Bend Showdown Tournament July 24-26.

According to Rob Hicks, President of Comets Basketball, the tournament provides players with a platform to compete in preparation for state and national championships.

"I started this organization for my daughter who was a good young player in middle school," said Hicks. "I wanted to provide youth an opportunity to further their academic and athletic interests."

The Comets Big Bend Showdown is open to all boys and girls basketball teams between the ages of 10-17.

The tournament offers college exposure to students who participate throughout Florida and the Southeast region.

For 15 years, the Tallahassee Comets have provided a number of student-athletes with college scholarships and for some of those athletes, there was no other way they would be able to go to college.

This year was the first year that the Comets had a third-grade basketball team win the Southeastern Regional Championship for Youth Basketball of America (YBOA).

"I enjoy giving back to the community and teaching kids the game of basketball,” said Kevin Rosier, third and fourth-grade coach. "Volunteering and recruiting kids is something people aren't usually into but it's all about the kids, the experience and the fun".

Comets basketball missions include building the individual character of each member, to blend team members into a harmonious and successful unit and to optimize both personal and team potential.  

"Organizations like this [Tallahassee Comets Basketball] is what we need in every community. They are here to make a difference and I appreciate that," said Cassandra Johnson, mother of a child basketball player.

The basketball tournament, which is traditionally held at Tallahassee Community College(TCC), will also be held at numerous locations including Florida A&M University Developmental Research and FAMU Hansel Tookes basketball court.

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